I promise to stop researching sleep, I know that it no longer serves me, and is counter productive.

I promise to stop claiming insomnia as my own, I recognize that by not claiming insomnia I am no longer giving it the power over me that I used to.

I promise to stop telling stories about sleep unless they are about how amazing I sleep. I recognize that every time I do tell a negative story about sleep I give it power over me, so as of right no I promise to never tell another negative story about sleep ever again

I promise to always do my best, I recognize that from day to day my best is going to be different, and that’s okay :)

I promise to start acting like an amazing sleeper, I recognize that in order to believe I am an amazing sleeper I want to start doing the thing I would do if I was an amazing sleeper

I promise to start telling people I am an amazing sleeper, I recognize that not only is it a positive thing to tell people I am an amazing sleeper but when telling them I will pretend like I actually am, picturing myself as I would look and feel if I was an amazing sleeper

I promise to commit to my recovery 110% percent I know that I am strong enough to do this, because I was strong enough to have insomnia, I am MORE then strong enough to be an amazing sleeper, I also recognize that it is easier to be happy then sad… And dwelling on my past, in the past has taken more then enough energy. Enough is enough and the time is NOW

I understand that everything is right now. The only moment that matters is right now. So right now I will promise to always do something that makes me feel better, and choose the better feeling thought

Right now I am insomnia free in this moment right now I am who I really want to be. I know that my natural state of being is joy and happiness I now choose to be me as best as I can be from now on!