Do you suffer from insomnia or any other sleeping issues?

Well you have come to the right place! Because I have been there, I used to call myself an insomniac, I used to suffer from chronic severe insomnia. And now my friends I sleep deeper then a newborn baby.

Where do I start? First off I want to tell you that you made it, your on your way to curing yourself! I also want to inform you on something else, a pill is not going to cure you. You already know that. So with that being said, the ultimate cure is DRUG FREE, only if you want to be ultimately 100% cured frominsomnia. How come? Because a pill is a crutch, and guess what a crutch isn’t going to get you to fall asleep. YOU are going to get YOU to fall asleep, and I am going to tell you how to do it all on this website I made, especially for you :)

So I am going to go back in time for a little bit… When I was going through. “MY” situation ( chronic severe insomnia) I will tell you I was DESPERATE. I did everything under the moon to try to cure my situation…. hypnotherapy, sleep studies, energy healing, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, ambien, anxiety pills, sleep sounds, white noise, fans, binaural beats, EFT, meditation, ear plugs, excersize, sleep hygiene, diet, I tried it ALL… I went to insomnia forums, only to realize, it was the blind leading the blind. I would go on jogs in the middle of the night to get all of my energy out. Only to come back and STILL not sleep. I was just adding to my sleeplessness by every attempt at ” trying” to sleep that I took. I was drained, I took every ounce of energy and every dollar to my name to ” try” to cure myself…. Long exhausting nights. I remember at one point saying to myself that I was too tired to even try to sleep. It was a game, a vicious cycle that kept going and going and going. While I was on it I would freak myself out by thinking about the future and this insomnia curse NEVER ending. It was so easy to give my self anxiety or to be depressed ( which btw I never had anxiety or depression like this before) which I will explain what anxiety and what depression is later. Anywho, laying there all night eyes closed, motionless, thinking away. That is what I now called ” sleep” and it stayed that way for quite sometime. I would have a short dream, here and there. But nights for me were long and dark. I felt so alone. Like nobody in this world could ever understand the pain that I was experiencing, the loneliness. I even had my husband sleep on the couch so I could ” try” to catch some z”s… But that’s all I ever did was ” TRY. ”  As a matter of fact I was obsessed with trying. I was obsessed with sleep, and trying to figure it out. Trying to ” remember” how to sleep! As if there were some type of formula. Or a certain set of things I needed to do to fall asleep, like taking 10 deep breaths or taking 10 shallow breaths, Chanting “sleep, sleep, sleep.”  I could go on for days on how obsessed I had become with sleep, but I am sure you already know.  So enough about me when I was going through ” insomnia” let’s begin to cure you.

This is going to take:
– some learning/understanding.. please keep an open mind
– please take notes
– please listen, TRULY listen
– please get ego out of the way,
– watch Youtube video on how to bypass ego