What is fear?

You can look up the definition for yourself if you would like but in reality fear is just a vibration, and simply a state of mind.

I too was fearful of sleep at one point, at first i thought.. “well maybe my brain is afraid of sleeping” I went to therapist and they would tell me I was in flight or fight mode. I believed it, and that scared me even more! So that story I told myself about Thinking that my brain was afraid to sleep… I fully believed it. It was almost like an excuse. Come to look at it, it was. It was very silly! then, and now. Start telling yourself the story that you want to be true. Write it down. And realize there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. NOTHING. Tell yourself this, calmly and quietly, become your best friend, trust yourself. You can do this! You can be free once again… once you realize you are free, and have always been free. Tune into it. Its always there, so is Love, Joy, and Happiness. All you need to do is PRACTICE tuning into these vibrations the same way that you practiced tuning into fear, doubt, anger, frustration, not sleeping. You can do the opposite! there is always an opposite. Research that. The opposite to fear is LOVE, Love cures and heals all! Put love into everything you do! feel love, its always there, YOU ARE LOVE…. and if you have a hard time being in the moment and out of your head, here’s and affirmation for that

“I am here now”

repeat it anytime you feel lost in your head

another affirmation I used and still use

“I am Joy, I am Love, I am truth Divine, Body, Mind, Perfect dream of mine”

I got that quote from Noah Hammond and added the “perfect” into it

So again, Fear is only a state of mind, it is NOT real…. get out of that state by living in love. say thank you to everything, Love and Gratitude go hand in hand. Not only say Thank you but FEEL grateful for everything, the more you practice those feeling the more you will be naturally living in that state of mind. The fear you once had will be only a teeny tiny memory.


The opposite to fear is LOVE, Love cures and heals all! Put love into everything you do!Tasha Maile