If you can stop complaining about sleep (stop talking about sleep in a negative way PERIOD. And you can START talking about sleep in a positive way, as if you are ALREADY Experiencing it, you can be cured. Period.

Now let’s change your focus onto focus itself and focusing your energy. On what? On the things that you LOVE. Wether it be painting, rock climbing, dancing, singing, creating, cooking, taking pictures, etc. Also being kind to yourself, taking care of yourself, showering, bathing, giving yourself a manicure, pedicure, getting your hair cut. Just doing something nice for yourself daily, complimenting yourself in the mirror, ACCEPTING the compliment, being GREATFUL for the compliment, and then APPRECIATING the compliment. Find the things that you are GREATFUL for, look for them! At first it might be tough because you have been in this negative loop with sleep but, it can change. It is simple, and it will get easier. I promise.

So why do we focus on what we love? Because when we focus our energy on anything, it gets bigger, and everything else gets smaller.
Insomnia happened because we put so much focus and energy into sleeping. ( or the lack of sleeping) And that is okay. Because now we know, and now we can change our thoughts and our energy into the direction that we want it to change to!

” What get what you concentrate upon, there is no other main rule” -Seth (Jane Roberts)

” If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Einstein

How long will it take for me to cure myself?
Okay so let’s speak on “time” for starters. ” time” is man made. ” time ” is not linear as we perceive it. Everything is right here right now. Again, EVERYTHING is right here right now. Time is eternity. You have eternity. Doesnt that feel better? You can do your own research on time if you would like ( please research time, not anything that has to do with sleep, this is crucial to cure yourself. you are no longer looking up anything that has to do with sleep)

What is the past and the future?
Having a hard time getting out of your head?
Do u find yourself being anxious? That’s just you living in the future…
Do you find yourself being depressed? That’s just you living in the past…
So how do you live in the now? Is it easy? How do you get out of your head?
These are all great questions, and yes it is easy, you just need to practice. The best way is to cut off your thoughts by noticing your breathe. That the easiest quickest way. Every time you do this you make the thoughts in your head weaker and weaker until the dwindle away. When I do this I almost alway take a deep deep breathe, then let it out very slowly. Some other things you could do when you notice yourself getting lost in your head is focusing on your hands, feet, anything in the room, your fingernails, plants in the room. You get the point. The list is endless. So the point of this is to get out of your head and to learn to live in the moment. Because the only moment you will every really have is right now.

Raise your vibrations

All we need to focus on is our vibration, how we feel, what will make you feel better right NOW. Even if it is as simple as thinking about something else, like a cute baby giggling, or playing with a puppy. Even the simplicity of directing your thoughts on something positive will change your vibration to a more positive vibration. Every time you cut a negative thought by doing this you give that negative thought less power. Less and less until it fades away :) and you no longer react to it, therefore it is no longer in your energy. Therefore it no longer has the grip on you that it used to :)

Now let’s talk about your thoughts.
Changing your thoughts.

“Change your thoughts, change your world”

I already talked about cutting them off, thinking about something positive. Now how about changing them completely? Oh ya buddy! That’s what we really want right!
Now when changing them you want to be very straight forward…

So here were, and are some of my thoughts ( affirmations)

” I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime now!”
” I can sleep as long as I want now”
” I sleep so well now”
” I can fall asleep and stay asleep now”
” If I wake up I can fall right back to sleep now”
( p.s if you wake up it’s okay, relax, everyone wakes up. Most people just don’t know, and now neither do you 😉 )

So at first they were just affirmations, now they are my real thoughts.

How did this manifest? Well, I stopped talking about my negative sleep. And started talking about the way I wanted it to manifest. I literally would bring up sleep just so I could say these affirmations to people ” I am such a heavy sleeper, I sleep so well!” one time I repeated it 3 times, because the first two times weren’t convincing enough, not to the girl I was talking to. But to myself. The girl I was talking to probably couldn’t care less about how well I sleep. Hahaha but taking about my sleep wasn’t to benefit here. It was to benefit me. To build my own confidence. And boy did it feel good! I felt accomplished like I just ran a marathon or something. And you will now be doing the same. You are going to talk positively about sleep. It may not be true, but the more you say it, the more you FEEL it to be true, the more you change your vibration to THOSE POSITIVE feeling about sleep, the more you will start to believe it, the more you believe it, the faster it will come true.

Negative filter.
Naturally, a lot of us have been brought up and have developed a negative filter. My brother in Law, Justin Sua. He is a sports psychologists, he taught me this. It’s not that things are actually negative. We have just programmed our minds to focus on the negative side of things. Remember nothing actually IS negative, everything is neutral, there is just as much a positive side to things as there is a negative. So our goal is to get you from a slightly negative perspective to a slightly more positive perspective. By focusing on the positive, by thinking about positive things, by finding the positive side of a situation like ” you know what that didn’t happen the way I planned it to, but that’s okay, that just means something better is supposed to happen” close one door completely so others can open. Don’t dwell on the past or on the negative side of a situation that happened that you may not have liked. It’s okay to not like things, but in order to get it out of your space, or your vibration is to let it go and to find that positive side or nuetral side ” oh we’ll it is what it is” close that door, and move on. We are always moving , we are always changing , why not move and change in the direction you want to? This is call being conscious of your thoughts. Being conscious of those negative thoughts, wether it be sleep or the way you made your bed. We all have these silly negative beliefs like ” your not good enough” ” you’ll never make it” “your stupid” those are jut from your silly ego. They just want to be heard. It’s like a toddler shouting, you don’t ignore the toddler you say ” okay, that’s enough, ego it’s time for you to sit down on the naughty chair, I choose to think otherwise. I choose to think I am good enough and that I can do this” basically the way to get rid of your ego is to acknowledge it. To let it knows it being heard. This way you are making a mind body connection. Take a deep breath when you notice these silly thoughts acknowledge them, choose what you want to think, then go do something fun to get it completely off your mind

—- what to do when negative thoughts arise

The Awareness Plan” ~ ( MUST READ )

Many times, there are situations which create negative self talk and generate negative emotions. We have no control on the negative thoughts which cross our minds. However we can control our behavior to such negative thoughts. The key lies in understanding the difference between reacting vis-à-vis responding.

Reaction is a spontaneous action, an impulsive and involuntary action towards a situation without any thought or awareness. Whereas, a Response is a controlled action/inaction which is carried under full awareness of the consequences.

How can one develop this wonderful habit so that it becomes a part our being.

Create a “The Awareness Plan”
It’s actually only a list of Things that I can do in any given situation that will make me an aware person. Here are my favorite 4 Things.

1. Focus on Breath. This can be done 3-4 times a day & in any place. Close your eyes and take slow deep breaths around 20-25 times and then get back to what you were doing.

2. Smile at people you don’t know (as well as people that you do know). This creates a positive vibration within in your subconscious and makes you a happy person in general

3. Take a walk in nature, preferably early morning. Look, listen, smell and touch as much of nature as you possibly can. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is established. Associating self with nature is an Incredible, powerful, meaningful and peaceful experience. It helps you to reach within.

4. Listen to your favorite music. Lao Tzu has said “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe”

So go ahead and create your awareness plan in your journey towards self discovery and inner peace and ultimately Being happy

What to do now that you know the cure.

#1 STOP talking negative about sleep, or anything for that matter.
#2 STOP spending time researching sleep. everything you need to know is here
#3 START talking positively about sleep, and about the things that you love.
#4 Smile more
#5 START doing things that you love
#6 Focus on what you want
#7 Be kind to yourself