Understanding “insomnia” or in other words “the mind”

Now what is “insomnia” Really? Other then “the worst thing in the world” that’s what I used to say. I wouldn’t wish insomnia on my worst enemy! I don’t have any enemies… So I wouldn’t wish this on Hitler! That’s how  “horrible” I thought it was. Now let’s go a little bit deeper,  “insomnia” is just a label. A label that our minds have created to understand something, so we can categorize it. Now when we talk about our “mind” we really are talking about our ego. Ego (negative) segregates (separates ) and your higher self (positive) integrates (brings together, oneness.) Our minds were not meant to figure out as many things out as we have been led to believe, and let it to. The logical brain, which is your left brain, has kind of dominated our life’s. And or society. Our left brains were only meant to remember directions, numbers, where to go, how to get places…. and that’s pretty much it. On the other hand our right brains, our more creative artistic, lovey side has simply been pushed aside. We have both brains for a reason. So let’s start using them both, equally.

What is positive and what is negative

Naturally, everything is neutral. Nothing has built in meaning, that is why everything is neutral.( If you dont believe that, thats fine… if its working for you to NOT think that everything essentially i nuteral, then carry on and keep doing what you are doing, and thinking what you are thinking.) But our human experience has let us put meaning to things, to be positive or negative. But again, nothing really is positive or negative. But we can change something from being negative to positive by first going neutral . Also how can we enjoy the positive without experiencing the difference? The negative side? We wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. Not as much at least. And oh boy, I will tell you what, I enjoy and cherish sleep so much now! I live my life to the fullest, I do the things I want to do. To be honest with you. Insomnia is the best- worst thing that ever happened to me. It opened my eyes to how I was not truly living before, I took my life, my human experience for granted. I was a mindless drone just following the masses. I am so ever GREATFUL to have experienced such a beast and as dark as my experience went I truly appreciate it, all of it. To the fullest. I am no longer “asleep” I am awake! And I absolutely love my life. I am insomnia free ! Of course I still have trials that I go through. But insomnia has changed my experience, to a more positive experience.

What is sleep?

“It is what it is” again, labeling it is just that, a label. You can call sleep whatever you want. But trying to figure out what it is … Your mind can, and will go in circles on this one. Not even “sleep doctors” truly know what it is. So with that being said, let’s dive a little deeper. If you can sleep, what does this mean? That you are gifted? That god gave you the right to sleep? That you are better then someone else? Again that is all the left brain thinking, ego. If you CAN sleep, it does not mean that you are gifted ( although it may seem like a pretty awesome gift someone could give you in times of sleeplessness ^_^) god is not up there making you not sleep. No one is better then anyone we are all truly equal. so with that being said… Being able to sleep is believing you are able to sleep. What if you don’t believe you can sleep? Or stay sleep? Or fall asleep fast? Or sleep deeply? Or heavily? Or long enough to feel rested? The list is endless I know. All of these are just beliefs.

What is belief?

Now we are diving deeper, breaking it down. A belief is simply a thought, thought over and over again.

What is a thought?

Breaking down a belief, a thought is a vibration.

**** a positive thought is 1,000 stronger then a negative thought ****

What is a vibration?

Everything is a vibration.

What is everything?

Everything is Energy.

-So with all that being said everything is energy, the only constant is change, everything is always changing, energy is always changing.