Your bed or wherever you sleep, is used for sleeping and sex ONLY.

So if your not asleep, or having sex. You are not laying in bed.

This is important, you want your brain to associate your self sleeping in your bed, if you do happen to not sleep much in your bed at this point, when your brain goes in the past ( if your anything like i was you will) break that chain with a smile! Then replace that picture with you smiling :) it works I promise! Try it! Also try this when worrying about the future, stop worrying, and smile. Change the picture, breathe, keep smiling, and bring yourself back to the present moment. This now moment is all you will ever really have.

Room temperature

They say 71F is best, I like it colder personally. Also I heard someone say ” it’s never too hot to sleep” I really liked this thought, so I kept it as my own. Don’t make it such a big deal if you like it colder do what you can to make it cooler at night, if you like it warmer same thing. Life is simple. Keep it that way and stop stressing abut the little things. Here’s the kicker, everything is a little thing.


Personally I like my room as pitch dark as possible. That’s just my preference. If I go sleep somewhere other then my own room like on vacation or to a friends house, is it always pitch dark? Nope. Do I make a big deal like I used to? Nope. I notice it, ” room isn’t as dark as I like it, oh well” and I move on. If you notice… The way you react to things is the energy you give any given situation. So relax, take it easy. Nothing is as big of a deal as you may have used to think it was. Be kind to yourself. Take it easy

Caffeine, or any other “stimulant”

As far as caffeine goes… Personally I don’t drink it. But I just recently had a friend take 6 espresso shots and pass out for a nap. Why? Because she wanted to nap, and she didn’t let the coffee stop her. She also believes that THAT much coffee MAKES her pass out. This is the story that she tells herself. She believes it, so it is true. Anything you believe is true, is. So with that being said. If you are about to eat something before bed and you think it is stimulating. First of all, stop telling yourself that story unless you want it to be true. Second of all, don’t eat it if you believe it will do this too you, no more self torture, enough is enough.

Doing anything to help you or make you sleep better.

If you understand what I am teaching you, that the cure lies in you, then you will understand that nothing outside of you is going to “make” you sleep better. It may be a feeling of comfort, but the one time that that remedy doesn’t work, you have failed, not only yourself, but you have fed this monster called “Insomnia” you have proved it right. I am not telling you to go cold turkey. But once you fully understand this, you will probably go cold turkey on your own. If your denying any of this, then know that that’s just your ego defending, because only ego defends, and you also most likely wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have any kind of sleeping issue. If you are reading this and don’t have any kind of reading issues. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it.

Position in which you sleep

When you are dealing with sleeping issues… the position in which you sleep really doesnt matter. Actually sleeping does. So really dont worry about it, just get comfortable. If your bed isn’t comfortable i suggest investing in a bed that is… I love memory foam beds, not toppers, but actual beds. The firm ones. And by the way I got this bed about a year before I had sleeping issues.